Implementation of EU funded project "Snail in school" for Parent's association "Path to life" - PUŽ

Knowledge Center PROFECTUS has subcontracted educations in the project "Snail in school". We lead education of teaching assistants, both elementary school and high school teachers and other professional associates related to primary and secondary schools.

The project is carried out by "Path to life" (PUŽ), a Parent's association in partnership with elementary school Horvati and 9th gymnasium in Zagreb. Other associates are elementary school dr. Jure Turić and a vocational school in Gospić, elementary school Ivana Rabljanina and high school Markantuna de Dominisa, in Rab. The project is co-financed by European Union (European Social Fund).
PROFECTUS is responsible for carrying out educational activites directed towards inclusive education in primary and secondary schools. One of each in Zagreb, Gospić and Rab. During 2013./2014. we will carry out the following educations under the aforementioned project:

- Education of teaching assistants for primary and secondary schools
- Education of primary school teachers
- Education of secondary school teachers
- Education of professional primary and secondary school associates involved in the project

All educations are directed towards quality development of inclusive education. The subjects are processed through practical educations and workshops. Some of the topics include:

- Development and implementation of individual educational plans
- Croatian educational system and new forms of support
- Communication and cooperation with parents of children with dissabilities
- Emotional development of students with dissabilities

Aside of educational activities, PROFECTUS will guide supervisions of high schools involved in the project, with the goal of developing individualised educational plans.(IEP)
We are grateful to Parent's association "Path to Life" – PUŽ for the given confidence.

For all info on educations you can contact us via email: or cell phone: +385 99 2401004.