About us

Knowledge Center PROFECTUS is the adult education institution (Lifelong learning institution) that offers a variety of educational services on work with children with disabilities, self-development workshops based on Gestalt psychotherapy approach, and workshops on EU projects (project cycle management). Activities of Center PROFECTUS are focused on preschool institutions, primary (elementary) and secondary schools, higher education institutions, non-government organizations, medium and small businesses and local (regional) self-government.


Our team consists of experts with relevant experience, knowledge and skills in various areas of work with children with disabilities (inclusive approaches), PCM, EU funds, development planning, strategies and personal and professional growth and development.

Our trainers and consultants are experts in the field of inclusion of children with disabilities, counseling and psychotherapeutic work, social inclusion and cohesion, development of financial analysis, feasibility studies, development of projects for financing from EU funds, including the IPA, PHARE, FP7, SME’s, ERDF, CF, and other national and international sources. Our trainers and consultants have an enviable research and consulting experience in the preparation of feasibility studies, development and implementation of business and developmental projects, consultancy in the field of regional and local development.

International and national involvement in projects within the IPA programs, CBC projects, the development of scientific infrastructure and involvement in the work on innovation policy and regional development policies, suggest comprehensiveness of expertise that our team of trainers and consultants provides to clients.

In our work we have developed a network of external experts and partners in other companies, academic and financial institutions.


Our mission is to provide every client top quality service and satisfaction to acquire new knowledge through a wide range of services and training packages with an emphasis on innovation, creativity and individual approach.


To be the best knowledge center in the region that will be the standard and measure of quality and professionalism in all aspects of business – to customers first choice for personal and professional growth and development, an desirable employer for employees, reliable partner for other businesses and socially responsible Center. Values ​​on which we base our success are quality, kindness, trust, innovation and understanding of the needs of our clients.

Education for EU funds (project cycle management):

- Initial workshops on development of EU projects

- Project cycle management for beginners

- Advanced training and workshops on development of Concept Note

- Advanced training and workshops on development of the full project proposal (Full Application Form) + budget development and Logical Framework

- Workshops on reporting during the implementation of EU project

Training and workshops for NGOs:

- Workshops for potential founders of the association or institution for adult education

- Training on the management of non-governmental organizations

- Education on financial management of NGOs

- Education on ensuring the sustainability of the association or institution for adult education (sources of financing, marketing...)

Workshops for self-development

- Supervision of educational institutions - to strengthen team spirit and team dynamics

- Workshop on "Self-awareness and self-esteem in the function of integrity development"

- Thematic workshops to raise competence in working with colleagues / parents / children / pupils / students

Workshops and trainings for working with children with disabilities:

- trening pomoćnih radnika (pomoćnika u nastavi) za rad s učenicima s teškoćama u redovnim osnovnim i srednjim školama

- trening za transformaciju posebnih ustanova u referalne centre

- Development of competences for educators and professional staff in preschool institutions for working with children with disabilities

- Training for assistants in kindergarten to work with children with disabilities

- Preparing teachers to work with children with disabilities through thematic workshops

- A program for the development of key competencies of employees in the educational system

- Training for teaching assistants to work with students with disabilities in regular primary and secondary schools

- Training for the transformation of special institutions in referral centers

For further information you can contact us via e-mail: razvoj.znanja@gmail.com or +385 1 62 81 498, cell. +385 99 2401004.

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