EDUCATION: Transformation of special institutions into Resource centres of support to regular system

Education is developed for special institutions seeking to become Resource centers of support to regular inclusive education institutions.

This education is implemented through three levels – administrative level, human resource level and the legal level of transformation.

1. Within the administrative level, we support the development of action planning for transformation as a fundamental document that leads the institution through this process.

2. On the human resource level, the emloyees which will participate in the implementation of activities of the transformation are attending an 80 hour education consisting of practical work and theoretical part in the following topics:

  • Model of inclusive environment
  • Regulatory Frame of action of the Resource center
  • Inclusive procedures through advisory work in regular preschools and schools
  • Collaborative educational institutions
  • Self-awareness and self-esteem in integrity preservation
  • Communication and counselling skills
  • Development of capacity for conflict and stressful situations
  • Collaboration with regular educational institutions, parents, school and preschool assistants

3. The legal level of education includes support in development of a new statute or supplementation of existing statutes of the institution.

A certificate, verifying the transformation into a Resource center is given to the the institution upon completion of the education, and all the employees are given a certificate confirming their competence in implementing activities of the Resource center.

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