Education of teaching assistants for parent's association “Path to life“ – PUZ

Knowledge center PROFECTUS is carrying out educations under the “Snail in school“ project, by parent's association “Path to life“ – PUZ, financed by EU fonds.

We held an education of teaching assistants from six primary and secondary schools (Zagreb, Rab, Gospić) on 29th and 30th November. The education was participated by 30 teaching assistants and it was carried out in the classrooms of elementary school Horvati, one of the partner schools for the project “Snail in school“.

Implemented topics:
  • Croatian schooling and students with disabilities – models of support to inclusive education
  • Features of development of elementary school students
  • Work with students with ADHD
  • Induvidualised educational programs – roles and tasks of teaching assistants
  • Parent's attitudes
  • Emotional development of children with disabilities

For all info on our educations you can contact us via email: or cell phone: +385 99 2401004.