Education of primary and secondary school educators on implementation of individualised educational plans in the work with students with disabilities

From January 3rd to February 1st, we carried out education of three primary school (Horvati in Zagreb, dr. Jure Turića in Gospić and Ivana Rabljanina in Rab) teachers and three secondary schools (9th gymnasium in Zagreb, vocational school in Gospić and high school Markantuna de Dominisa in Rab) professors. Education was based around implementation and application of individualised educational plans in work with students with disabilities, methods of work with ADHD students, as well as Croatian educational system and new forms of support to educational inclusion of students with disabilites.

36 educators went through the education and workshop. The subjects have been processed through lectures, discussions and workshops. Upon completion of this block of educations, participants learned how to provide support to students with disabilites. On top of that, the participants also gained extensive knowledge about subject matter individualisation, adjustment of children with disabilities to the environment and the importance of social skill development of children with disabilities.

Through very specific examples and a lot of practical work, educators had a chance to learn how to apply the inclusive practice in everyday work.

The education has been financed by the “Snail in school“ project of Parent's association “Path to life“ – PUŽ, which is funded by European Social Fund.

For all info on educations you can contact us via email: or cell phone: +385 99 2401004.