Collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Montenegro

Director of Knowledge Center PROFECTUS is one of the authors of Inclusive Education Strategy in Montenegro (2014 – 2018), adopted by the Ministry of Education of Montenegro.

The team engaged in the development of Inclusive Education Strategy:

- Vesna Vučurović - Minister of Education's assistant

- Tamara Milić - Ministry of Education

- Anita Marić – Institute of School Affairs

- Vjera Mitrović – Radošević - Vocational Education Centre

- Irma Kalač – Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare

- Dr. Larisa Redžepagić – Ministry of Health

- Anka Đurišić – NGO parent's association “Staze“, Podgorica

- Darko Kobetić – UNICEF consultant (director of PROFECTUS)

Inclusive Education Strategy has been developed through a participatory process of all relevant entities. The document went through public debate, participated by the representatives of: academic education system, institutions of health and social care, local governments, donators, NGO's etc.

The UNICEF Office in Montenegro provided support and contribution in the final stages of preparation of this document.